Why is water damage so concerning?

Beyond the actual harmful aspects of water on structural materials, flooding from either stormwater or plumbing issues contains a number of dangerous contaminants. These bacterial and viral polluters can cause a variety of illnesses and diseases while diminishing the environmental quality of your home or business for what could be a lengthy amount of time. The lingering presence of water, regardless of the source, helps create a breeding ground for mold. Often toxic, household molds also carry the risk of causing respiratory issues and severe allergic reactions.

What are common causes of water damage?

Natural disasters, such as severe storms and hurricanes, often cause widespread water damage while plumbing issues, such as burst pipes and blocked sewer lines, are major contributing culprits as well. Broken water heaters, roof leaks and septic tank overflows also have the potential to cause extensive damage.


How does your company reverse the damages?

First, we perform complete water extraction in order to save as many items and materials as possible. Second, we’ll remove and discard any damaged materials, including carpet, padding, baseboards, insulation, drywall, furniture or wood trim. We then apply disinfectant and other cleaning solvents to ensure the prevention of mold and mildew. We’ll replace and restore structural materials with upgraded products to protect against future issues. Our teams then professionally clean and sanitize any salvaged furniture and structural materials to ensure safe functionality.


Will my homeowner’s insurance cover water damage?

Unfortunately, most flooding is not covered by homeowners policies. You must have purchased flood insurance in order to cover the damages caused by either storms or plumbing issues. That being said, sudden flooding such as that caused by a burst water heater or pipe can be covered. If covered, we’ll work to make sure your insurance carrier provides the full coverage you need.


My basement flooded after the last storm. What should I do now?

Contact 1-800-WET-CARPET right now. We’re open, ready and equipped to handle any flooding problem, any time of day. Trying to tackle the problem on your own, without the proper equipment, materials, or processes can and will come back to haunt you. Shut off the utilities to your home and leave if you suspect structural damage of any kind. Try to avoid walking through any water while the electricity is still on. If the source of water was from a burst pipe or plumbing issue, stay away and don’t let kids or pets near the area.


As experts in water damage restoration, our team works to ensure complete and total repair to your home or business after any type of flood. With affordable financing terms, prompt and proficient service and proven workmanship, we have set the standard for the industry.